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landinf pages that generate leads
Alex Serrao

How to create a landing page that generates tons of leads

“The money is in the list” as they say. It’s no secret that a large, healthy email list has a tremendous value to most businesses.  Capturing emails is very tactical and basically an art form in my opinion. You go through so many steps… Create the lead magnet, design it, make the landing page, make

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Alex Serrao

What Is A Lead Magnet? 9 High-Converting Ideas

Offering a Free Lead Magnet is a great way to break through with potential customers and generate new leads, so we’ve broken down just what a Lead Magnet is, and how to make yours great. How do you acquire more leads online? It’s pretty challenging to attract new customers when there are thousands of competitors

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Facebook Retargeting Strategy
Alex Serrao

Facebook Retargeting for eCommerce: A Complete Guide and Strategy

Did you know that 98% of people who visit your site for the first time won’t buy anything from your store and leave? What’s more, is that more than 70% of people won’t buy anything even after putting the products into the cart and abandon to purchase. So, how will you retarget these people to

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