About Me

If you are reading this, you’ve probably poked around TGM and read through some of the blogs. And now, you’re probably wondering, who is this guy?

Well, my name is Alex Serrao and I love a good craft beer. I also love fitness, woodworking, thrift stores, hiking, skipping rocks and airplane flights.

Better yet though, I love marketing and entrepreneurship.

I was that kid.


I used to beg my parents to bring me to the dollar store or Sam’s Club so I could load up on candy. Not for me (well, some of it for me), but to sell in school out of my backpack.

Entrepreneurship has given me life for as long as I can remember. I’ve always had some type of business going or side hustle since probably 12 years old.

I started flipping cars at 14 years old before I could even get my driver’s license…

I bought a house at 19 and ran a screen printing company out of the garage…

I’m definitely not trying to brag


What I am trying to do, is explain to you that I am writing this blog… because I love this S#@!

I have gained an enormous amount of experience over the years of starting my own businesses as well as consulting and marketing for dozens of other businesses.

I want to share what I’ve learned and bring you quality content with brutal honesty about products and techniques.

What am I doing today?


Well, I’m a full-time digital marketer.

I have a full-time job as a marketing manager at a large marketing agency where I manage several client’s ad campaigns, website designs and social media.

I also teach marketing through my YouTube channel and this Blog.

Full transparency…


I want to take this blog to a very high level one day. I envision helping 1,000s of small business owners and entrepreneurs succeed in their marketing efforts and grow their business with the knowledge I provide.

It’s important to me to help small businesses. Marketing agencies play a huge part in helping companies grow, but in a lot of instances, the business owner can do it themselves with just a little knowledge.

It’s my goal to provide that knowledge.

What kind of knowledge?


There are infinite amounts of tactics out there to grow your business. I’ll be the first to tell you I am not an expert in all of them.

I’m going to focus on what I know really well, and share that with you.

My results…


…have come mostly from social media ad campaigns. Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are some of my favorite traffic sources. When you match that traffic up with a well-crafted landing page or funnel, you can create marketing gold.

Ready to start learning?


Feel free to read through all of my content here on Tactical Growth Marketing. If you are extra ambitious to learn, I send out more info to my email subscribers. You can join that below.

Thanks for reading about lil ole me!

Let's get started!

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