Facebook Retargeting for eCommerce: A Complete Guide and Strategy

Facebook Retargeting Strategy

Did you know that 98% of people who visit your site for the first time won’t buy anything from your store and leave?

What’s more, is that more than 70% of people won’t buy anything even after putting the products into the cart and abandon to purchase.

So, how will you retarget these people to convert them and make them purchase finally?

Facebook retargeting!

What is Facebook Retargeting?

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The “Facebook retargeting” is an online marketing tool that targets those visitors who visited your online store once and never came back to make a purchase. You can quickly identify your visitor who visited your website earlier because when they visit your online store for the first time, a cookie is placed on your browser, and afterward, you can target these visitors by using this cookie that lets you recognize your potential visitor. You can target these visitors by displaying ads to them later on.

But how do you do it?

Today, we’ll focus on a 3-step retargeting strategy which is very practical and targets each of your visitors for 14 days continuously, every time with an innovative message, converting them into a potential customer.   

Step 1: How to execute a Facebook Ads strategy

Sending a Reminder to your visitors to complete the purchase

There are plenty of reasons that visitors will come to your site and leave without purchasing anything.

What are some of the other reasons not to buy any of your products?

Some of them might get fascinated with your quality product but could not make up their mind to purchase them finally.


Maybe they are not satisfied with purchasing through mobile and prefer to buy when they login to their computers.

They leave to come back at some other time, and then life just happens, and they forget to buy.

Regardless of why they didn’t buy, we need a good strategy in place to retarget them and bring them back to the website to give them another opportunity. Retargeting ads serve as a fresh reminder to the consumer to finish their purchase.

Ready to learn how?

1. Figure out where they intend to buy

To get the best bang for your advertising buck, we only want to target that audience which shows serious intent in buying products.

To find out more about your potential customers head over to your Google Analytics account and start digging into your analytics.

An example of something you can look for would be mobile vs. desktop conversions.

Follow: Audience > Mobile > Overview.

Now compare mobile conversion rate vs. desktop conversion rate.

If the mobile conversion rate is considerably higher than the desktop conversion rate, you might want to consider only spending on ads on mobile devices and reducing your ad spend on your desktop strategy.

2. Grab the visitor’s attention by showing the products they previously viewed

Image result for facebook dynamic ads

People love to buy products that are already familiar with. Everything in sales is about trust and the more times your consumer sees you and your product, the more trust you are building.

There is an easy way to grab the visitor’s interest by showing the product(s) which liked and saw on your website. This is where Facebook’s dynamic retargeting ads strategy comes into play.

These Facebook dynamic retargeting ads strategies instantly grasp the visitor’s intentions and works incredibly well.

3. Offer great deals to make them purchase only available to them

Why do people abandon their carts?

Well, there are two most common answers:

Either they change their mind or find a better deal somewhere else.

According to a survey by the Baymard Institute, 69.57% of people abandon their cart at checkout and the number one reason for abandoning is because of the cost.

How can you attract these visitors and make them buy anything?

For these cart abandoners, you have to create a charm to make them purchase your product.

These offers can be:

  • Limited time discount codes
  • Offer free shipping
  • A free gift
  • Free product sample

Statistics show that more than 54% will bounce back and make a purchase. Although offering some discount like 20% or more means you are sacrificing your profit margin. But on the other hand, if you see that this little sacrifice will motivate people to buy more and once they get great value from your products, they will come back again and become your loyal customer. So sacrificing a little will result in potentially real long-term gain.   

How to create Facebook Retargeting Ads campaign for your most recent visitors

Step 1: how to select your audience

 Select the audience that has visited your store in the last seven days. Here’s how:

  1. Go to Audience
  2. Then go to Create Audience
  3. Then click Web Traffic
  4. Then select 7 days

You can even select your visitors who purchased from your store and retarget them with an upsell offer, or a poll about their experience or a slew of other creative things to build trust and make them a repeat customer. Here’s how:

  1. Go to Audience
  2. Then go to Create Audience
  3. Then click Web Traffic
  4. Then select audience that converted under any of your events

Step 2: Create your Campaign

Follow this procedure to create your campaign

  1. Go to Ads Manager
  2. Then Create Campaign
  3. Select “Product Catalog Sales” (if you have any) otherwise choose “Conversions.”

Step 3: how to select who will see these ads?

The custom audience section allows you to create ads specifically-crafted for the targeted audience.

The custom audience is the crucial point of Facebook ads retargeting.    

Under the custom audience section, select your last seven days visitors and exclude your recent purchaser.

In the end, select other targeting parameters like sex, location, and age and finish your ads creation procedure.

Step 2: How to execute a Facebook Ads strategy

facebook ads strategy

Provide support to your curious store visitors to help them make a purchase

More than 83% of visitors need some assistance to finish their shopping according to the statistics.

So, how will you target these visitors to get their questions answered and support them to complete their purchase?

One way to provide support to such an audience is by “Facebook Messenger Destination Ads.”

This kind of customer service is far better than email and phone support as the customer is directed to Facebook Messenger guided by these Facebook ads. That’s why this kind of customer support is highly productive compared to any other help because the visitors would be instantly gratified by answering their questions.

People will tend to buy more when they get answers to their personalized questions on the one-on-one conversation. They select according to their taste and eventually purchase.

There are plenty of ways you can adopt to retarget your audience. One of them is Chatbots. This option is available on the Facebook account. This feature allows the ads to appear in the audience newsfeed and give confidence to them to open it and chat with your representative instead of making a direct purchase from your website.

I am also a big fan of Mobile Monkey. It’s a free chatbot for Facebook Messenger that you can create customized conversations that you can build to your typical customer needs.

How to select and target indecisive visitors

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The good part of the Facebook ads campaign is that you can target a predefined audience.

You can find and target visitors who visited your website in the last 7 days or the previous 30 days and also who visited your website multiple times but left without making any purchase.

These visitors can be identified easily with their specific behavior, i.e. they will revisit your website several times and spend more time browsing your website pages like pricing, FAQ or Terms, and condition.

These are the potential buyers who could not make up their mind to finalize their purchase and need some kind of help, therefore, by targeting such visitors who are highly interested in your products, you can support them to finalize products.

Here is the procedure to carry out a retargeting campaign for the visitors who are uncertain about purchasing.

Step 1:

  1. Go to ☰
  2. Then go to Audience
  3. Then Create Audience
  4. Then Custom Audience
  5. The select Website traffic who spent more than 10%

Step 2:

  1. Go to Ads Manager
  2. Click Create Campaign
  3. Choose “Traffic” (marketing objective)
  4. Choose “Messenger” as your destination

Step 3:

Under the Custom Audience section, select your predefined visitors who visited exact pages by time and then excluded the visitors who purchased any product in the current time.

In the end, define other targeting parameters, like age, sex, and location, and start your campaign.

Step 3: How to execute a Facebook Ads strategy

Adopting an effective Facebook Ads strategy will result in the fastest ways to boost your estimated sales goals, and implementing the right strategy at the right time will dramatically minimize your overall advertising cost.

There is no doubt that the good practice of attractive Facebook ads will lead your potential customer into long-lasting conversion.

How to keep in touch the visitors who are not ready to purchase anything yet

Most of the time, visitors do not intend to buy anything even after seven days.

What should we do in such cases?

Should we leave them?

NO! Not exactly.

Research says that even though some people might not be interested in buying anything right now, it doesn’t mean they won’t buy anything in the future.

You should shift your focus from “immediate customers” to “long-term potential customers.” Instead of focusing on converting them immediately let them make their decision later on when they are ready to convert, and until then, you can keep in touch and make a long-term relationship with your website visitors.

What can you offer to these “to-be customers”?

You can offer them to subscribe to your email or newsletter list through Facebook lead ads or a custom landing page. I like to use Unbounce to create high converting landing pages that are extremely customizable.

I wrote a blog about The 10 Best Ways to Capture Email Leads that you should check out.

People can keep in touch with your current offers and deals with these newsletters, and there is a high possibility is they will convert shortly.

The best part about generating an email list through ads like this is that Facebook will show these ads only to those people who are highly interested in your products. It’s not just cold traffic that doesn’t convert well.

So what should your Facebook retargeting ads tell the visitors? Why should they subscribe?

Here are a few ideas:

Tell them the benefits they will get when they stay updated with your newsletter

Nowadays, people are very picky and selective to give out their information because they are most likely already receiving lots of spam to their inbox. Because of this, you have to be very cautious in creating ad campaigns that don’t look like spam and also don’t spam their email after they give you their info.

You will have less than two seconds to tell people why they should keep in touch with your newsletter. That is the average time span people will give your ad when scrolling through their newsfeed, and if your ad is not clear and concise, they will pass it without notice.

To know to create an effective ads strategy, it is important to know your audience first.

If your target audience is interested in high-class luxury goods, then they would probably like to receive something like an exclusive newsletter that they receive only as a member.

On the other hand, if your target audience is price-sensitive, they might be interested in a special promotion discount or a custom deal in their email newsletter.

Keep your subscription procedure short and concise

Email opt-in form

Before creating your subscription forms, keep in mind that people love to sign up with short details, and if you make them put maximum information regarding their personal data, they will leave immediately.

So keep your subscription form user-friendly by default, so, as the visitors click on the subscribe button, they see only two fields to subscribe. For example, the name and the email address- that’s it.

In the same way, you can keep other fields like country name, date of birth, and gender as optional, so if they might be interested in giving more information, they could put in.

Most of the time, asking too many questions may trigger their temper and may leave without subscribing.

Unbounce is an incredible tool that I use personally to create these kinds of landing pages. There are tons of templates that I can easily customize to my brand.

How to create Facebook Retargeting Ads Campaign that motivates people to keep in touch with your Brand

Step 1: Select your audience

The first step involves selecting the targeted audience for at least 14 days of visitors. For this follow these steps :

  1. Go to ☰
  2. Then go to Audience
  3. Then Create Audience
  4. Then Custom Audience
  5. The select Website Traffic
  6. Choose All website visitors in the past 14 days

Step 2: Generate your campaign

  1. Go to Ads Manager
  2. Create Campaign
  3. Select Lead Generation

Step 3: Select your targeted audience

When choosing this field, select the last 14 days visitors and exclude the previous 7 days visitors from the field. We’ve found this to be the most effective.

Now move on to selecting country name, age, sex, and you are done to start your campaign.

Once your campaign is running and generating leads, the next very essential factor is to engage your audience with updates.

Examples of updates you can send out:

  • Store’s latest news
  • New product launches
  • Special deals and discounts
  • Any events coming up
  • New product designs and small discounts
  • Free shipping promos
  • App launches

If you follow these guidelines you will eventually end up with loyal customers who will enjoy your customer services, and once they become loyal customers, they will never leave to your competitor’s store ever.

In conclusion

So, finally, we are done with our Facebook retargeting ads campaign!

You can probably see now just how effective Facebook retargeting can be with the right strategy in place. With vast customizable options where you can target millions of customers quickly, it’s an incredible tool to have if you know how to use it.

We all know that running the same kind of ads over a more extended period proves to be ineffective and extremely costly. This type of marketing can be annoying and boring for most of the viewers, and gets very expensive as the ads continue to not convert.

Facebook is getting trickier to use and to make effective for businesses but it is becoming arguably more powerful for the few that know how to use it really well.

If you adopt this strategy, you’ll start to see some of the powerful results Facebook can create for your business.

I hope you found this guide and strategy useful! If you actually implement this strategy, let me know how it went/how it’s going! Email me at alex@tacticalgrowthmarketing.com.

Thanks for reading,

Alex at TGM

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