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Create and optimize your first
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YouTube ads aren't like normal PPC or social media campaigns. All of the options and constraints on YouTube mean you need a base of knowledge so you can make the most of your paid possibilities.

What's Included?



What's new with YouTube Advertising?

There's been a lot of crucial changes to Google AdWords over the last few years that has let marketers like you and me to reach more people on YouTube and engage new audiences.



The 3 types of YouTube ads

Understanding the 3 main types of YouTube Ads is the first step to understanding how to start a campaign. Once you know all of the differences, you can decide what content to make and how to start your ads.



How to launch your video campaign

We provide step-by-step directions on how to start your first YouTube Ad campaign. Don't waste time fumbling around for no reason, Let's get these ads going now!



10 ways to optimize your ad campaigns

Ok, so your ad is up and running, but now what? You need to optimize! We go over 10 ways to get your YouTube ads running more efficiently to make the most of your ad budget.

Hitting The Spot Is Key

It's a lot more than just filming a video and putting it online, as you probably know! YouTube ads are extremely powerful if used correctly and can drive tons of targeted traffic for relatively little cost. We go over the main component of what you need to know to run a YouTube ad and optimize it.


Every day, people all around the world watch over 1 billion hours of YouTube. That’s equal to 100,000 years, which is more than human history, all in one single day.

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