The top 7 best lead generation strategies for your business

You want leads. I want leads. We ALL want leads!

So, what are the best strategies to get those leads to start flowing in? 

Lead generation is my specialty. It’s my favorite part of marketing. I’ve been hired by dozens of companies to generate leads and increase revenue and consulted for many others.

There are a million ways to generate leads, but I am going to go over my top 7 ways that I have found to be the most effective.

This will be a long article, so feel free to jump around to what you are most interested in:

Fix The Pitch

No, we aren’t talking about Randy Johnson’s pitch, we are talking about your landing page pitch.

You may be surprised to hear, that I never (almost never) drive traffic to the main website for lead generation. The reason I don’t do it is simple… It is far too distracting. People inherently want to snoop around your website and get themselves lost in information. All of that information is just a giant distraction that prevents them from filling out your form to become a lead.

The solution? 

A custom landing page that is built to do one thing… convert.

Landing page software has the unique ability to look just like a regular website while being specifically designed to collect leads. It doesn’t have all of the distractions and is right to the point of the pitch.

Personally, I prefer Instapage for building my landing pages. It’s extremely easy to use and very easy to mimic your already existing brand so you don’t cause confusion for your audience.

Fixing your pitch and perfecting the page that you are directing your traffic to is the first and arguably most important strategy to generating new leads.

Instagram Story Ads

This is currently one of my favorite forms of lead generation. The thing with marketing is that you want to be an early adopter in order to get the most out of it. Once everybody figures out how effective it is, they all start to use it and in turn, it becomes less effective. Instagram Story Ads are one of those things that are becoming more popular but are still what I consider underpriced attention.

In-App Lead Forms

Instagram Story Ads give you the great opportunity to collect leads all right within the app. When you are building your ad, you can create a form right within your Facebook Ads Manager. After you create the bulk of your ad, you’ll have the option at the end of your ad to either link to a website or create a form within Facebook. 

The nice part about having the form within Facebook/Instagram is that the consumer never has to leave the platform. They “Swipe Up” to your form and all of their information is pre-filled out and ready to submit. 

External Landing Pages

Sometimes an external landing page is still the most effective tool to use for lead generation, even if the native in-app lead forms are available to use.

There a lot of benefits to using an external landing page:

  • A/B Testing. With a landing page software like Instapage, you can constantly run tests to optimize your pages and increase your conversion rates.
  • Branding. You can make landing pages look exactly how you want them to and match them to your brand.
  • Completely Custom. With external landing pages, you can add videos, photos, link websites and provide infinite value to convert more traffic to leads.
  • Email Integration. Facebook Lead Forms gives you a CSV file of your leads but with a landing page software you can easily integrate it into an email software like ConvertaKit to start them on your email automation instantly.

Content is still king though

The thing with Instagram Story Ads is that they are very organic feeling and with the right content can be unbelievably effective.

Content is absolutely key though. You are interrupting someone’s scrolling experience with your ad and need to give them a good reason to pull their attention away from their friends and cat videos. We recommend checking out Canva and Placeit, both great tools for creating Instagram Story Ads.

Content Strategy

Written content is still an effective way of driving traffic to your website. If you have a website designed to convert traffic into leads, then a content strategy of blogging, e-books, etc. can be a great way to generate leads.

How it’s done:

  1. Drive as much traffic as possible to your website
  2. Create Lead Magnets behind a gate
  3. Create a top-notch email nurture campaign

How To Drive Traffic To Your Website

  1. SEO. Just like with this blog, we rely heavily on SEO for traffic to our website. When people are searching for something specific and land on your site for it, they are very likely to convert to a lead with the right strategy in place. There are a lot of tricks to perfecting SEO but one of our absolute favorites is a tool called SEMRush. It’s a little pricey but it is practically black magic with all of its capabilities. Google also offers some great tools like Google Keyword Planner that can help you on your SEO journey.
  2. Paid Advertising. There are tons of ways to pay for traffic on the internet. One of the most popular ways is Google Adwords. This is a bit tricky nowadays though as it is getting pretty pricey to compete depending on your niche. Some other great opportunities are Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and YouTube Ads. It’s also important to note that retargeting is significantly less expensive than targeted ads. If you are already seeing a good amount of traffic but want to retarget the people that haven’t converted into a lead, then you may want to look into Facebook retargeting ads using a Facebook Pixel.

The Lead Magnets Behind The Gate

There is an infinite amount of valuable lead magnets you can create and get very creative with. There are also some tried and true strategies that you can start implementing relatively quickly to get those leads coming in.

  1. E-Books. Maybe an e-book that is so valuable that it’s impossible for someone not to give up their email for. Provide information that could easily be charged for.
  2. Webinars. A fairly new way to gather leads but man is it a good way! You can offer a free webinar that explains something in detail about what they were searching for. What a great way to provide unbeatable value on repeat.
  3. Checklists. This one has worked very well for me in the past. I created a checklist for creating a new Brand. It ran down a checklist of things from colors to fonts. Could you create a valuable checklist in your niche?
  4. Guide/Course. Guides or mini-courses are another great way to prove your knowledge and build trust with your new lead. If you can provide them with a real way to solve a problem, they will come back to you over and over.

These lead magnets are not free though. They are paid for with their information. There is a “gate” that this information is behind. You can either have it as a popup window, mixed into a blog article or sitting at the top of your website with a tool like Hellobar.

However you end up doing it, VALUE is how you generate leads. Create something that’s impossible to not want to hand their email over to you.

Influencer Marketing

I love this style of marketing! It’s unbelievably powerful because of how targeted the audiences are of the influencers that you use. Most of the time, Influencer Marketing is used for selling, not lead generation, but it can be quite effective for leads as well.

Who are influencers?

Influencers can be anybody. I often see influencers being considered just people with a following on Instagram. The fact is, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Medium, Blogs, YouTube, Etc. are all influencers.

Driving Traffic with Influencers

First, understand that you must seek out these influencers and contact them one by one. It’s a bit tedious to begin with but you really don’t need very many of them to make a big impact on your lead generation. So how can Influencers drive traffic to your pitch?

  1. Blogs/Medium. You can reach out to blogs or bloggers on Medium in your niche and work out a partnership to promote your pitch. Whether you are giving away a free e-book or something else, you can have a blog incorporate that into one of their upcoming blog posts or into one of their emails that they send out to their readers. As long as your content and their content have a mutual thing in common, it should be no problem to find a blogger to partner with. This is also a very powerful way to spread your brand.
  2. YouTubers. This is an extremely powerful means of influence that major companies are catching onto and starting to use in their marketing strategies. There are several ways that a YouTuber can promote your brand and bring you new leads. You can have them direct people directly to your website, or use your product/service in their video, etc. YouTubers are so powerful because their audience trusts them. If your service/product aligns with their YouTube channel, you have a high chance of converting traffic into leads based on the trust that YouTuber has built with their audience.
  3. Instagram/Twitter. This is a similar idea as reaching out to YouTube channels but a little less pricey typically, and for good reason. Instagram and Twitter Influencers don’t typically have quite as powerful of an audience as Influencers on YouTube. It’s just the nature of the content. However, it’s still very powerful. On Instagram, if an Influencer has at least 10k followers, they are able to link one of their story posts to a website. You can get extremely creative with this approach. Something to consider would be to create a landing page with a builder like Instapage, and brand it to the influencer you are working with. This would be a great way to drive traffic to a landing page and not confuse the audience with another brand.

Use it while it’s cheap

We like underpriced attention and that’s exactly what influencers are right now. It’s a relatively new way to advertise and with the right research and strategy, you can build your list of leads for significantly less money than other forms of advertising.

YouTube Advertising 

When you click on a new video on YouTube, the first thing you see 99% of the time is an advertisement. Billy Gene praises YouTube ads and attributes a huge amount of his success in adopting the strategy and going all-in on it.

You have their attention

Attention is not cheap and it’s hard to grab, but YouTube Ads give you a unique way to capture that attention.

Depending on the style of ad you can have either 5 seconds of 15 seconds of time that viewers are not able to skip past. Those seconds are GOLD. The best part is, you can target them so specifically it’s a little scary.

  1. You can target similar to Facebook. This is extremely valuable and gives you more targeting options than Facebook does, especially after Facebook pulled a lot of our targeted options after their privacy scrutiny of 2019. Take advantage of the targeting abilities while they are still there.
  2. Target YouTube Channels. Yes, you can target specific YouTube channels. When creating your ads through Google Ads, you can place your advertisement in front of specific youtube channels only. So if you were giving away a free “How to build a social media agency” guide, for example, you could put that video in front of Gary Vaynerchuk’s channel and Tai Lopez only. Imagine how powerful that could be!
  3. Target specific videos. Even crazier than targeting channels, is targeting a specific video. Let’s run through one more example. Let’s say you were giving away that same social media guide as in the last example, but this time you were targeting videos to place your ad in front of instead of channels. You could compile a list of videos on youtube with titles such as “How to create a social media marketing agency” and place your guide right in front of that video. Now compile a list of 200 videos and run that ad in front of them… Do you think you’d get some good results? Yeah, me too.

This method of lead generation, I feel is being very underutilized. While everyone is running Facebook and Instagram ads, you could be paying $0.01 per view on YouTube.

Youtube Channel

We already know YouTube is powerful, and obviously a favorite of mine, but we haven’t talked about creating your own channel yet.

The beauty of YouTube is that it’s not just an entertainment site, it’s also the 2nd biggest search engine in the world right behind Google. This gives you the ability to create high-value videos that people would search for and plug your lead generation pitch into the video.

How would you do it?

Let’s go back to the example of giving away a guide for “How to start a social media marketing agency” as your way to generate leads. What steps could you take to generate leads by giving that away?

Step 1. Create content that solves people’s problems.

That’s how you will gain their trust and build a relationship with you and your company. Trust turns into leads which turns into customers.

Step 2. Solve 90% of their problem.

If you give them most of the answer and provide them with real value but leave out maybe that last nugget of information that they want, then they will be much more likely to download your guide and turn into a lead.

Step 3. Do it over and over again.

YouTube is flooded with new content every single day. In order to get more traffic to your landing page, you need to keep creating videos. No matter what your niche is, there is a way to produce multiple videos around it. Keep creating and keep generating those new leads.


Not advertising on LinkedIn, but rather just taking advantage of the insanity of their algorithm right now. 

Remember Facebook from 2015? You saw everything. The algorithm back then allowed you to see nearly all of the posts and photos that your friends were sharing. Now, you see less than 1% of it all!

2015 Facebook is what we are seeing on LinkedIn right now

To go along with the algorithm on LinkedIn right now, LinkedIn also has incredible high SEO value. When you post blogs, articles, pictures, etc. on your LinkedIn page, it will populate higher on Google searches than a lot of other websites.

What should you do?

  1. Connect. Connect with as many people on LinkedIn as you can that are in a related field that you are wanting to target. Don’t be spammy though, LinkedIn will block you.
  2. Create a Business Page. Once you create a business page, you should be posting all of your content on there. 
  3. Post. Once you create your page, you can post links to your landing pages, give away your guides, etc.
  4. Share. Once you post your content to the page, share it from your personal LinkedIn page and share it anywhere else you can (like Facebook and Twitter).


Each of the lead generation techniques above has helped me and my clients produce amazing results. The trick is to stick to it and keep pushing through. As cliche as that might be, marketing is something you can feel is failing you moments before a giant breakthrough happens. Hopefully, you find these strategies to be helpful and you generate more leads than you know what to do with!

Thanks for reading,

Alex | TGM

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