What Is A Lead Magnet? 9 High-Converting Ideas

Offering a Free Lead Magnet is a great way to break through with potential customers and generate new leads, so we’ve broken down just what a Lead Magnet is, and how to make yours great.

How do you acquire more leads online?

It’s pretty challenging to attract new customers when there are thousands of competitors offering overwhelming solutions to the customer’s problems.

When you only have about 15 seconds to grab the customers’ attention, you need something irresistible to bring them to your landing page and get them to hand over their information.

If your strategy is not built efficiently and with purpose, you may not be able to expand an email list of potential customers even if you are driving a lot of traffic.

I am going to share some effective techniques and the best ways to attract customers to your business right now (in 2019), and start generating more qualified leads!

Let’s get down to it.

What is a Lead Magnet?

lead magnet

A Lead Magnet is an effective technique of acquiring a prospect’s email address in exchange for an irresistible offer. This tool is also known as “an irresistible Bribe” by some renowned digital marketers, or you can call it “signup incentives” or “signup offers.”

No matter what you call it, this golden tool has proven to be one of the most powerful ways to generate qualified leads in this digital age.

More importantly, when you have a strong lead magnet that offers a lot of valuable advice, information or strategy, your new leads know that they can trust you and will be much more likely to become a customer in the future.

[Quick Note] Once you start generating leads, make sure to keep a lot of focus on your email nurture campaigns. The more your leads hear from you and the more valuable information you keep giving to them, the more they will trust you and your business.

Essential components of an ideal Lead Magnet

1. Specific solution

Be more specific about precisely what the customers will get by signing up to receive your free content. You have to be ultra-clear of how your readers will reap the benefits of signing up for your content. Your Lead Magnet should captivate the user’s attention by providing a specific solution to their particular problem right away.

2. Instant Gratification

Everyone loves fast and immediate solutions to their problems. To build a High-converting Lead Magnet, you must provide instant valuable solutions to your readers, and you will have a growing email list in no time.

3. Offer unique solutions

Provide extremely valuable content that demonstrates your expertise in your field so your readers become convinced that it’s only you who is providing the very best unique solution to their problem rather than your competitor, and they instantly convert to buy from you and not from your competitor.

4. Build Authority

Your readers might not be interested in your Lead Magnet if it lacks invaluable information. You should not be afraid of giving your top tips away for free because the Lead Magnet is basically the entry point into your marketing funnel and readers should be convinced right from the start the level of value your company offers.

You can get a lot of Lead Magnet ideas in the marketplace just by looking through your Facebook feed, but I have compiled a list of Lead Magnet ideas for you that are tried, tested and proven to work.

Here are 9 proven and time-tested lead magnet ideas.

1. Checklists

checklist lead magnet

The checklist is the most straightforward valuable strategy that helps the reader to get the whole concept of your content.  It is highly effective because it’s less time-consuming, and within a minute or two, your reader will grasp the ultimate guide to their solution. The checklist is incredibly magnetic and grabs your reader’s attention right away.

You can easily create a checklist of your highly admired blog content and let your readers get this list once they signup.

2. Templates

template lead magnet
Landing page built in Unbounce

You can make a template as a starting point for a plethora of things. Templates provide people with a clear direction for how to structure something and is usually an easy fill in the blank document that saves peoples hours of time. These quick-to-use templates are a great way to can kick start your lead generation campaigns.

These templates vary considerably on what they could be.

A template that we at Tactical Growth Marketing might make would be a landing page template. Unbounce is our favorite landing page builder, so we could easily build a landing page in there and then give away the template for free as our lead magnet.

Whatever kind of template you decide to make, make sure it provides a lot of value to your new lead. If it’s not very valuable, you will immediately lose their trust and decrease the likelihood of them becoming a customer.

Try Unbounce Free for 14 Days

3. Webinars

webinar lead magnet
Landing page built in Unbounce

Webinars are a highly effective way to cast a valuable impact on your followers, and you can stand out from your competitor by showcasing your abilities and credibility.

Why do webinars generate high-quality leads that have more chances to convert?

Because people tend to do business with those who they know and trust.

Webinars are quickly becoming one of the most effective means of not only lead generation but generating some of the highest quality leads that often turn to customers.

Growth Marketing Pro is one of the industries leading experts on Webinar Marketing. I suggest checking them out for some amazing insights.

If you conduct a high–quality, content-rich webinar, this will position you as an authority over your competitors.

Not only will you automatically label yourself as an industry authority, but you’ll also likely build a rapport with your consumer that you wouldn’t be able to do with other forms of lead generation. People will trust in your abilities more than ever.

Everwebinar is a great option for automated webinars.

4. Case Studies

The case study is a highly recommended Lead Magnet when your target customers are business owners and marketers.

The case study normally revolves around real-life customers who are actually using your product, and then from their experience, you evaluate your products efficiently and how to inspire new potential clients to trust your brand.

Case studies also help tell a story about your brand. Instead of just facts, you are having an experience of your company explained which allows you to connect with the customer and develop trust. Case studies should have a detailed persona of your customers, keeping in view their traits, emotions, and needs will help you craft a compelling story.

In addition, the case study always shows that you have a solution to the customer’s problems. As a business owner, no matter what you are selling, you are solving a problem. Case studies allow you to prove that you can solve those problems.

5. eBooks

ebook lead magnet
Landing page built in Unbounce

eBooks have stood the test of marketing time as a proven method of lead generation.

Value is what you are exchanging for their email address and you need to make sure your eBook is packed full of it.

Offering an eBook can have a lot of the same effects as creating a value-packed webinar. With both of these resources, you are establishing yourself as an expert on a certain subject.

You may feel like it takes a lot of effort to make an eBook or a Webinar, and that’s exactly the point. The harder it is for you to make, the more it will likely be worth to someone who is reading it. When your reader/viewer sees a lot of value in what you created for them, they will inherently start to trust you as a resource and be much more likely to become a customer in the future.

6. Discounts

Discounts are a kind of lead magnet that works wonders for the eCommerce store owners. If you are facing low conversion rates, then try this lead magnet of a “Discount offer.”

This kind of Lead Magnet is extremely valuable and gets immediate perceived value because customers immediately calculate how much value are they going to get in exchange for their contact info.

7. Software

software lead magnet

You can offer high perceived value to your customers by providing them free software access.

Software is either a downloadable resource or an online tool, and if offered in the right market, it can prove to be an excellent Lead Magnet. There are many examples of free software that allow users access who provide them their email addresses. One of them is Hubspot, which gives you a completely free CRM when you create an account for them.

When you sign up for this account, Hubspot now has your email address and has you in their funnel to attempt to eventually get you to purchase one of their other products. Smart, right?

8. Quizzes

quiz lead magnet

The quiz is a super powerful Lead Magnet to attract visitors if implemented accurately.

However, you cannot get substantial results if the quiz is not well-structured.

You need to invest in learning how to create high-powered lead-generating quizzes. For instance, you should keep your quizzes short and to the point and ask only 5 to 7 questions; otherwise, your customers may get distracted and annoyed for the too lengthy questionnaire.

If your website is built on WordPress, I suggest using the Thrive Themes Quiz Builder to make your lead generation quiz right on your website.

[PRO TIP] If you build any lead generation page on your website (quiz, eBook, etc) I suggest removing the header and footer from those pages to decrease the number of distractions. You don’t want them to click away from the page, you want them to submit their email!

9. Samples

Samples are extremely useful Lead Magnets with the beauty industry because people get instant results knowing whether or not the product works for them.

This is really useful where you kill two birds with one stone; as you can introduce a new product and at the same time, get potential your customer’s email.

You can also offer a product demo for free; this is famous for financial companies where you can test their platform to test drive their offer.

One obvious thing to note on this one is that it will cost you money for the physical product and the shipping cost, unlike the other lead magnet options. If you are an eCommerce brand with a unique product, this could be a very good option though.


No matter what lead magnet idea you end up going with, the key to success is to actually do it.

Plan out your campaign, set your advertising budget and start generating leads!

One common factor with all of these lead magnet options is that they all need a landing page. My personal favorite landing page builder is Unbounce. I recommend checking out their 2-week free trial and see how you like it. It’s one of the more affordable options out there with enormous capabilities.

Try Unbounce Free for 14 Days

Let me know how it’s going!

Email me at alex@tacticalgrowthmarketing.com and let me know how your lead magnet is performing!

Thanks for reading,

Alex at TGM

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